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WordMat is an addon to Microsoft Word. When installed a menu will be available in Word granting access to advanced mathematical functions. WordMat is free, released under GNU General Public Licence.

  • Input and output is correct mathematical notation.
  • WordMat is one tool for all your math needs.
  • Price: Free
    Easy distribution since no codes required
  • Full layout control since Word is the editor
  • Synergi with other subjects using Word
  • Words equation editor for Word is really good and fast. Everything can be entered using the keyboard.
  • Marking is done easily using Words comment function which support equations. I have made another addon for Word which can insert checkmarks and save standard comments. This will put up for sale at a later date.
  • Possibility of influence on the application. Suggestions are accepted.
  • WordMat consist of a number of different programs. They are more or less integrated into one package. The same degree of dynamic integration as some other CAS programs cannot be achieved on all points.


WordMat has the following main features:

Numbered equations

  • Words equation editor does not support automatic numbering and referencing of equations. WordMat adds this feature.

Equation solving

  • Analytical og numeric solving of equation, inequalties and systems of equations
  • Differential equations


  • Linear, eksponential, power, polynomial, user defined regression

Graph plotting

  • 2D Plot of up to 6 functions simultaneously and 3 datasets
  • Integration of external graphprogrammes. Graph, GeoGebra, GnuPlot
  • 3D plot of functions, vectors mm. is coming.

Statistics and probability

  • Calculation of frequencies, cumulative frequencies, fractiles, mean value and spread.
  • Histogram, Box and whisker plot, Trappediagram, Sumcurve
  • Gruping of data
  • Chi square test and Goodness of fit test
  • Distributions: Normal, Binomial, Chi-square


  • Start of GeoGebra directly from WordMat
  • Better integration between WordMat and GeoGebra coming.
  • Trianglesolver coming.

Collection of equations

Complex numbers


  • Support for units
  • Predefined physics constants and table values

System Requirements

      • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, MacOSX
      • .Net framework 4.0 (Windows Update)
      • Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 / 2016 and 2011(Mac)



Screenshots for WordMat

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordMat ?
An addon to Word, which creates an extra ribbon menu in Word. The ribbon adds math functionality to Word, which for instance makes Word able to solve equations, plot graphs, number equations and convert to Latex.

Is WordMat the same as Micosoft Mathematics?
No WordMat is inspired by Microsoft Mathematics. WordMat is in many ways more powerful and feature rich.

Who uses WordMat?
WordMat was designed for the danish equivalent to ‘high school’ which allows extensive use of math programs, even at exams. It is however very versatile and is also used by primary schools and higher education schools and universities. About 10.000 download WordMat every month.

Is WordMat really free?
Yes WordMat is released under Gnu General Public License.

WordMat is open source, but where is the source code?
99% of the source code is embedded in the installation. WordMat is comprised of the following code
– VBA embedded in the wordmat.dotm file.
– VBA embedded in the embedded Excel-files
– Maxima-lisp code changes made to the maxima installation
– c and c# API to communicate between WordMat and Maxima (Source code not in the installation. Can be found on sourceforge)

How about Mac-computers?
There is a Mac-version available for Office 2011, though it has a few limitations compared to the Windows version. There is no support for Office 2016 for Mac yet. A version is under development in collaboration with Microsoft, but no date can be set.

Where do I get more information?
Read the Manual, which can be accessed from the help-menu, once installed.

Which versions of Office are supported?
You can use Office 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 but not earlier versions. WordMat does not work with Word online or iPad versions. Office 2010, 2013 and 2016 comes in 4 different flavors: Starter, 32-bit, 64-bit and a Click’n run-version, which can be downloaded.
The starter version will not work with WordMat.

I think I found a new bug. How do I report the bug?
Please check that the bug hasn’t been described here before you submit an email. I receive a lot of mails and prefer not to spend time answering questions which I have already answered. If the bug appears to be new, you can send an email to eduap@eduap.com, with a thorough description of the bug. Please attach screendumps and/or a worddocument from which I can recreate the error.

The installer says Word is not installed or The WordMat ribbon doesn’t appear.
Check the point above about Office versions.

Error: – compile error …
Try reinstalling. Probably a problem with your Word-installtion. Could require a complete reinstall of Office.

WordMat locks or reports an error.

  • Try to deactivate antivirus. Also try to reinstall with antivirus deactivated. Some times Antivirus software must be completely uninstalled. ZoneAlarm can cause this Error. ZoneAlarm must be completely removed.
  • WordMat will not work if the document is on a network drive.This error can be periodic. On a mac using Parallels ”shared folders” must be deactivated. In Word the default drive could be set to a network drive. Check in Word / Settings / Save

WordMat suddenly dissapeared from the Ribbon in Word.
Word has deactivated WordMat. You can reactivate it in startmenu / all programs / WordMat / Reactivate WordMat. You can manually activate WordMat from within Word: Files / Settings / Addons / Choose ’Word-Addons’ .Make sure there is a checkmark by WordMat.dotm. Press OK. Another approach: Files / Settings / Addons / Choose ’deactivated elements’. Mark and activate WordMat.dotm.

Error: Can’t create ActiveX component
Reinstall WordMat with antivirus deactivated. Could also be caused by .Net permission problems on your computer.

My Antivirus says WordMat is a trojan horse
Some AntiVirus programs will report a false positive. AVG antivirus has done this in the past for WordMat.

Suddenly WordMat will not calculate anything. It just worked
Try restarting Word. Also under setting advanced you can restart maxima. You might also have an error in a definition in your document, check a clean document. If the error persist it might be a bad setting which is causing the problem like output-units set incorrectly.

Der foretages ikke de forventede beregninger i et Excelark (Statistik fx)
Hvis du efter at have åbnet et Excelark fra WordMat har gemt det, bliver det som udgangspunkt gemt uden makroer (Du får en advarsel, men de fleste overser denne). Dvs. den programdel der skal foretage beregningerne slettes. Når du gemmer Excelarket skal du aktivt vælge at gemme det som et Excelark med aktiverede makroer. Alternativt brug indlejrede Excelark

Problem med indlejrede Excelfiler
Fejlen ”Serverprogrammet, kildefilen eller objektet …” kommer når der dobbeltklikkes på indlejrede Excelark. Fejlen kan skyldes et tilføjelsesprogram til Excel. F.eks. Google Cloud Connect. Deaktiver tilføjelsesprogrammet i Excel.

Jeg bliver spurgt om jeg vil aktivere makroer. Hvordan slipper jeg af med det?
WordMat kommer normalt ikke med denne forespørgsel. Måske har du en atypisk installation. Du kan umiddelbart omgå det ved at sænke sikkerhedsniveauet. Det kan fjernes ved at sætte følgende flueben i Excel: Filer / Indstillinger / sikkerhedscenter / indstillinger for sikkerhedscenter / Indstillinger for makro / Aktiver alle makroer.
Bemærk dog at det er en sænkning af sikkerhedsniveauet.

Equations are not shown correctly in pdf
Try a different program like pdf-creator.

Word will not open the document
Word Files can under certain circumstances be corrupted. Word can try to repair the file. When you open the document from within Word, you can select ‘Open and Repair’ on the bottom. LibreOffice is strangely better at reading the faulty Word files, and if you are using version 4+, it supports the Word equation format. Always make backups in several versions, in several places

Word locks completely when pressing backspace in an equation
This error has been reported as solved

Word is sluggish
If you have many equations in the document or a slow computer, it can affect speed. There are four things you can do – Remember to insert ”delete definitions” commands in the document. This limits the portion to be searched through to find definitions. – Disable Tablet PC components. The function affects the overall rate negatively in mathematics fields. See previous errors to see how it is deactivated. – The speed can be significantly improved if you change to draft view. Find the tab “View” and under document views are selected Draft. There is also a shortcut to the bottom right of the screen. Under Settings / Advanced can make it possible to start up in draft view – You can also turn off the display of images from It. It will also make Word faster. Tables also make the document slower to edit.


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Maxima is installed as a part of WordMat. Maxima is a Computer Algebra System and is responsible for most calculations in WordMat.


GeoGebra is installed as a part of WordMat. It is a powerful geometry and graphplotting tool. It is recommened to be installed separately as well.


GnuPlot is installed as a part of WordMat. WordMat uses it to produce 3D-graphs.


Installed with WordMat. Free graph-program which can be embedded directly in Word via WordMat. Very user-friendly.

Microsoft Mathematics add-in

Free add-on from Microsoft which has some similarity to WordMat. Though not as strong and versatile, it has a nifty graphing tool.